Friday, May 6, 2011

Mums day

Elna sewing machine: sold

Ok maybe I'm being a salesman here, but unless you're including a diamond necklace, gifting a new sewing machine for mother's day is not the way to go... 

However, nothing says "I understand you and love your tastes" like a Vintage sewing machine!

And your not going to find anything more vintage, unique, or quality than this Swiss made machine.
• 1st Edition Elna Supermatic with case, and original manual!  
manufacture date: July 14, 1954
comes with 5 cams and 4 feet.

Truly a unique design. 
Body made of high grade aircraft aluminum alloy.  All steel gears inside, no plastic!
The Elna does not use a foot pedal, but employs a swing arm that you press with your knee.  
The hard travel case becomes a fitted sewing surface that wraps around the machines raised free arm.

going to list it on KSL this evening (if I still have it) at $160.
early bird discount for blog readers,  $100!

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